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Thursday, June 26, 2014

t mobile smartphones

best tmobile smartphones:

if you have decided to change your phone ,i will give you the list about the best t-mobile smartphone in 2014
and it have a good features and smart .
are you ready ?
that's it !
the first mobile is LG G3 :
this mobile consider the best mobile in 2014 , LG G3 considered the best mobile with android system in 2014 because of it's easy to use it .
the mobile have HD screen and high-quality camera and the display goodness of this mobile is 4x and the amazing feature of this mobile it's protected with metal body to protect it from (i will let you guess :D)
now we will take about another mobile ,this mobile is the second best t mobile smartphone this mobile is (samsung galaxy S5):

samsung galaxy S5 is another decent product from samsung and if you want mobile with alot of feature and app you should to buy samsung S5 because this mobile look like the new invention .
this mobile has fast powerfull processor and clean redesigned interface ,waterproof ,dustproof,feels comfortable to hold ,microsd support ,mode .
the cover of this mobile made of plastice with heart-rat monitor . 

now we will take about another something (guess )>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
sure will still taking about mobile :D but this mobile have a big history do you know it ? i dont think ! 
this mobile is motorola :
this mobile consider as a inexpensive mobile phone so that it's avalible for every one , the goodness of this mobile that it is  consider a cheapest cell phone with a good features ,the moto is fast ,have a google camera ,and can charge it easly .

(thank you for reading (to be continued 
please leave you comment :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top 5 Best Cell Phone Gifts Ideas

Top 5 Best Cell Phone Gifts Ideas

As a fashion symbol, cell phone is everywhere and each person owns one or two in hands. With a cell phone, we can communicate with each other at any time and any place. What's more, we will have a mobile phone number and even no matter where we are, our friends, family members or colleagues will always be able to talk with us.

What do you use your mobile phone for? Just to talk with people or to send a message with other persons? No, it is not enough! Now the functions of cell phones are diverse. You can take advantage of it to take photos, to search online, to figure out some useful materials, to play games, to watch a movie, to listen to music, or to install a funny app.

In that case, if you make your decision to send a gift to the person you care about, you might as well try to send them a mobile phone. I believe they will like it very much and this present will be in good usage! Because we can't emphasize the importance of cell phones too much, the person who receives your gift will need it sooner or later. What's more, if the buddy has already used a cell phone, it doesn't matter because if the phone is lost or broken, they will need another brand new one in the future. Then they will consider your present!

In this rapid developed society,technology is the most useful resource. We all pay attention to the cell phone market. We are all trying to pick out a phone that is able to satisfy our needs. However, there are so many mobile phones in the market and all of them are in different prices and performance, if you would like to choose one as a gift to others, how could you make up your mind to select them? You can refer to this lens.

1.Cell Phone Gifts for Parents - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you have enough fortune in your pocket, you really have to consider your parents. After all, your parents are the persons who give birth to you and they don't take care of you until you are 18 years old.

Therefore, pick up a practical cell phone for your parents might be a good idea to show your love to them.

Don't think of our parents are too old to chase fashion and fun things. Now we are here to select a cell phone that is not only able to give delight to them, but also to keep in touch with them. Sometimes to make our parents hearing our voice is our love and devotion to them as well.

Here I want to recommend the gift to our parents is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As the third generation of Samsung Note series, there is no denying that Samsung Note 3 has made great progresses, no matter in the aspect of hardware or software. Furthermore, if your parents have bad eyesight, its bigger screen and typeface might make up this point.

2. Cell Phone Gifts for Siblings - iPhone 5C

If you have siblings in your family and you make a decision to give them a cell phone as your award, the iPhone 5C could be your good choice.

Even though iPhone 5C might not as popular as iPhone 5S, its outstanding performance and excellent hand feeling win much attraction from the young people.

Why I suggest iPhone 5C to you? It is not just because the iPhone 5C has 5 colors to choose, white, red, blue, green and pink, all the front panels are black and it looks like an iPhone 5 that package a layer of protective containment.

It is because there are little differences between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C is more cheaper. The iPhone 5C runs in iOS 7 system and it also has nice user experiences. Therefore, use an iPhone 5C as a gift to your brothers or sisters, you can't miss it!
By the way, if the person who get the iPhone 5C needs to backup data before he or she use the new iPhone, and the guy lost the backup password when connects it to the computer, then he ot she had to unlock iPhone backup at first and then the use your iPhone 5C gift!

3.Cell Phone Gifts for Lovers - iPhone 5S

As the person who stands by your side, always on your mind, take care of you every day, worry about whether you eat 3 meals or not, miss you very much and loves you forever, you should take the cell phone gift to your lover seriously.

No one can refuse summon of fashion, your lover is no exception. Consequently, why not select an iPhone 5S as a gift to your lover? The shine and golden iPhone 5S exactly stands for your love to him or her, also symbolize your love will always last, as eternal as the gold! Finally, just remember that your lover deserves the iPhone 5S best!

PS: Don't lose heart if your lover has had an iPhone 5S. You can also give him or her other related iPhone gifts, such as the iPhone case, the iPhone accessories - the iPhone headphone cable, the iPhone charger or even when he or she needs to use the iPhone to backup your photos to the iTunes, but there is a backup password and it is lost, you can even use an iPhone backup password recovery tool in iTunes for iPhone user to unlock iPhone backup and then solve the problem forever! That might be some little things, but your lover will appreciate you for a long time.

4.Cell Phone Gifts for Friends - HTC One

Except for your lover, your friends also play an important role in your life. You can discuss the happiness of you and your lover with your friends and share the sweets with your friends. At last you can't believe that you have so many things and ideas in the same.

Friends are the drivers when you lose your way in your work, friends are the doctors when you are hurt by your lover, friends are the crows that save you when you in danger, friends are the idiots who say something special in the dream, friends are the seers who lead you to do something or not to do something, friends are the collections that you should cherish them forever!

As a cell phone that carries Facebook Home, the HTC One is no doubt to be a perfect carrier that contacts you and your friends and also know what your friends talking about on Facebook. Therefore, if you decide to give gifts to your best friend, the HTC One is the better choice!

5. Cell Phone Gifts for Geeks - Google Nexus 5

If the guy who receives the cell phone gift is a geek, then I think the Google Nexus 5 is the best present!

As a matter of fact, in order to display its own product and unify Android standard, Google pushes out the cheap Android cell phone Nexus series.

With the excellent hardware configuration, the low price, carrying Google's original system and the users are able to receive the latest push of Android; this Nexus 5 has become more and more popular among the cell phone fans, especially the geeks.

To our surprise, Google doesn't definite the Nexus series as the business or the entertainment. Just with the prim appearance, the ordinary function, also it is too hard to discover the obvious disadvantage and also no parameters or functions to surpass its competitors. But if the person needs to use the cell phone to root, put it into factory settings or test different versions of Android, the Nexus 5 is really a better gift.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Battery power Life

12 Guidelines to Enhance Your Mobile Cellphone Battery power Life:

12 Guidelines to Enhance Your Mobile Cellphone Battery power Lifestyle first factor you should do modify display lighting consider establishing to 'automatic' and the second factor you can do create the configurations to put on your phone go to rest quicker,so that be in a moment you must set the 15 second or something in the other side, convert "sleep"on to a quicker period.
 battery power life
the next factor you can do that you see a lot appears to be you always getting notices on your display you go remove notices from facebook or myspace and saw your own public networking programe tweets and you 

can convert off some your notice to public networking and a big one a lot of individuals do is convert of any enterprise is it you don't need like GPS for wireless 
,you should convert off all antennas you are not using GPS, wireless & wireless are killers!

and you can reduce gadgets you're linked with.(hotspots, other wireless gadgets,etc.

the system of place accessibility always run away the battry life so that you should san no to most place accessibility encourages , and you can synchronize your e-mail has regularly to ,gmail sometimes that's not say every 15 moments and it sometimes but whenever it does so that you can synchronize e-mail less regularly or other public press websites it's using up yourbattery life so maybe if you don't nedd to examine your e-mail and you can reduced the quantity on your phone to you can convert down the cell phones overall quantity not just the rainfall her but just in the quantity stage and you must keep your phone awesome and keep it out of sun if possible ,avoid operating too many applications.

when you in conference and it not allow to you to response the product convert the product off that will help you to preserve your battery life  .
Get an Extended Battery energy power package pack Case or Practical Battery energy power package pack charger - If you're mobile more than most people with no access to energy or its unwanted to "plug in", consider getting a portable charger that costs your cell phone without energy. There are also cases that fit popular mobile mobile phones that dual the life of your cell phone battery.

Kids Cell phone

kids cell phone  

it's only a matter before your kid  starts asking you for a cell phone while there's no absolute relates to what a cell phone begins to be age-appropriate pew research study found that most parents by their child vote for the first time around twelve or thirteen years old in fact fifty-eight percent twelve-year-old carry a cell phone today happened just eight percent in two thousand ,
kid cell phone  so if you feel the time is right here are some responsible an affordable option for kids teens.
starting with grade school children no need for smart here about for a basic communication with anymore emergencies 
consider as you go.

there's a dollar to access the preparing and it's twenty five cents a minute , but if you're an elementary school replace equal to mom went to place week the bills maybe about ten dollars and that's a lot cheaper than definitive. however, for a child that makes more than a few calls a week will consider pre-paid card no contract plan offeredby of major carriers as well as companies specialize in prepaid plans like virgin mobile and metro PCs. there's also can kids cell phone  a cell phone company just for kids that offers plans starting at just five dollars per month.
infact prepaid plans are great for most people especially those who make fewer tham four hundren voice minute calls a month .
they can sve twenty dollars a month or even more maybe even put the phone bill by hand .
middle schoolers to can benefit from a budget alike flapor slider,but it's consider unlimited taxting nicely continues with the data added since you are really need iit and  you have smartphone .
experts say that"let your kids prove they're responsible with prepaying your contract phone first then consider trading at.
it may be a bit risky to put a marquee phone into the hands of little scholer because it's so expensive to replace and you will find that inexpensive smartphone .

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The most cost-effective cellular cell phone

The most cost-effective cellular cell phone 

The most cost-effective cellular cell phone .Time when cellular cell cellular phones are just considered modern wonderful splendid luxuries have approved and these devices have become a requirement that just anybody can't live without. Many areas have soon taken notice of the potential of production such products creating a significant market of suppliers. This travel of manufacturers always wanting to please the anticipating buyers performs through searching for innovative features as well as offering the most cost-effective cellular cell phone offers.

 cheapest cell phone plans
With the motions in the world-wide market, and every issue that comes with it, now is the perfect a opportunity to get economically conscious. Become a intelligent consumer and always consider the price and try to obtain of a affordable cellular telephone service, affordable pre-paid cellular cell cellular phones or affordable verizon cellular cell cellular phones. Look for for a efficient source that could help you out in your pursuit to getting a system at a low price without limiting the great top high high quality of your relationships with your work associates and personal relationships.

The most cost-effectivecellular cell phone may not meet the aspects of a technical intelligent user that selects high-end features. But even with this limitation, you can still get the most cost-effective cellular cell phone with cost-effective to more innovative features by buying marked styles at a great discount. Labeled styles have already made a indicate in the market, ensuring that top high quality is there. Discover a opportunity to read reviews about the products to avoid making a huge error and eventually finishing up spending instead of saving more. The dedication that you allocate to find through stores and web stores will surely pay off if you get a system with good features at the tiniest possible price.

Even the range of most cost-effective cellular cell phone models are not reasonable top high quality. You can still find better choices for the tiniest price and the key is dedication. For added value to your money's worth, check for and compare main aspects such as:

Text text messaging capacity,
Ability to call people,
And, clear wedding celebration on both owner and receiver's end.
If you opt for the most cost-effective cellular cell phone in the marketplace, be cost-effective in looking at the features. Don't expect that you will be offered a unit with Internet access and relationships, or those prepared with high-definition camera and other features which not be considered main.

When wanting to obtain of the best deal with the most cost-effective cellular cell phone, you also have to consider how you will be using the product. Will your cellular cell phone be used on a regular or infrequent basis? Will the risk of running a zero balance affect your relationships with others greatly? Based on your way of living, career and preference; you can also opt to get a pre-paid or traditional line from affordable cellular cell phone plans available.

the best cell phone you must buy in 2014

the best cell phone you must buy in 2014

 in this artical we will talk about the best cell phone you must buy in 2014 the cell  phone became the 

important technology in our life and today no one dont have phone in his hand we used phone to contact with others and to do our work .so that the last decade the cell phone had developed by many company like ,sony,blackberry,apple,nokia...
.so that i will give you the best amazing cell phone in 2014 

 the best cell phone you must buy in 20141-sony Xperia M

 this mobile is very smart and decent mobile phone and inexpensive smart phone you can buy it for a little as  100
 the best cell phone you must buy in 2014
3 G network:HSDPA 900/1700-c2100

2-LG G2

the price of this phone is 500$ and this mobile has a good camera can talk the photo when you flying :D

 the best cell phone you must buy in 2014

this camera phone is called the chicken camera.


3-google nexus 5

the phone has made by google and LG ,as google has teamed up with LG and they had gaven us this beautifull smartphone .
this smartphone has simple and understand decent style .
 the best cell phone you must buy in 2014

4-sony xperia Z1

this smart have come on leaps over the last 2 year with fast processors with many core. 
screen resolutions like that one tV's and cameras that allowed to compacts redundant .

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cheapest Unlimited Everything Cell Phone Plan

Cheapest Unlimited Everything Cell Phone Plan

There are many unlimited cell phone plans around, but in these tough financial times, people can't always go with one of the major carriers, such as Sprint. It's simply too expensive! Let's take them for example. When visiting their website, you can sign up to get a free Android phone! It seems like a great deal, but comes with a two year contract, and an Early Termination Fee if you decide to cancel your service!
http://cheap-estcellphoneplans.blogspot.com/I added the phone and added their unlimited everything plan. The cost is $99.99 per month, plus the normal taxes and fees.
You might think, "There must be another way!". That certainly is too expensive for some people. There are alternatives though. We'll now discuss one of the best alternatives.
Straight Talk is a great option, and has a $45/month unlimited talk, text, and data plan. This plan is compatible with Android smartphones, just like the Sprint plan. It's less than half the price, and you still get access to Sprint's network. If you want to use your own phone, or if Sprint's network isn't good in your area, there is another option. You can use almost any AT&T or T-Mobile phone on Straight Talk. If you choose to use an AT&T phone, you can purchase the AT&T SIM, and you'll have access to AT&T's network, at just a fraction of the price!
If you choose to go with a Straight Talk phone, instead of using your own phone, the cost ranges from a free phone all the way up to $329.99 for the top of the line Android phone. If you choose to use your own phone, the SIM card will cost $14.99, or $59.99 including the SIM card and the first month of service.
If you have questions or aren't sure, you might want to check out Hildretech's consultation service. Hildretech can provide a lot of information on Straight Talk, and many other alternatives.