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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Top 5 Best Cell Phone Gifts Ideas

Top 5 Best Cell Phone Gifts Ideas

As a fashion symbol, cell phone is everywhere and each person owns one or two in hands. With a cell phone, we can communicate with each other at any time and any place. What's more, we will have a mobile phone number and even no matter where we are, our friends, family members or colleagues will always be able to talk with us.

What do you use your mobile phone for? Just to talk with people or to send a message with other persons? No, it is not enough! Now the functions of cell phones are diverse. You can take advantage of it to take photos, to search online, to figure out some useful materials, to play games, to watch a movie, to listen to music, or to install a funny app.

In that case, if you make your decision to send a gift to the person you care about, you might as well try to send them a mobile phone. I believe they will like it very much and this present will be in good usage! Because we can't emphasize the importance of cell phones too much, the person who receives your gift will need it sooner or later. What's more, if the buddy has already used a cell phone, it doesn't matter because if the phone is lost or broken, they will need another brand new one in the future. Then they will consider your present!

In this rapid developed society,technology is the most useful resource. We all pay attention to the cell phone market. We are all trying to pick out a phone that is able to satisfy our needs. However, there are so many mobile phones in the market and all of them are in different prices and performance, if you would like to choose one as a gift to others, how could you make up your mind to select them? You can refer to this lens.

1.Cell Phone Gifts for Parents - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you have enough fortune in your pocket, you really have to consider your parents. After all, your parents are the persons who give birth to you and they don't take care of you until you are 18 years old.

Therefore, pick up a practical cell phone for your parents might be a good idea to show your love to them.

Don't think of our parents are too old to chase fashion and fun things. Now we are here to select a cell phone that is not only able to give delight to them, but also to keep in touch with them. Sometimes to make our parents hearing our voice is our love and devotion to them as well.

Here I want to recommend the gift to our parents is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As the third generation of Samsung Note series, there is no denying that Samsung Note 3 has made great progresses, no matter in the aspect of hardware or software. Furthermore, if your parents have bad eyesight, its bigger screen and typeface might make up this point.

2. Cell Phone Gifts for Siblings - iPhone 5C

If you have siblings in your family and you make a decision to give them a cell phone as your award, the iPhone 5C could be your good choice.

Even though iPhone 5C might not as popular as iPhone 5S, its outstanding performance and excellent hand feeling win much attraction from the young people.

Why I suggest iPhone 5C to you? It is not just because the iPhone 5C has 5 colors to choose, white, red, blue, green and pink, all the front panels are black and it looks like an iPhone 5 that package a layer of protective containment.

It is because there are little differences between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C is more cheaper. The iPhone 5C runs in iOS 7 system and it also has nice user experiences. Therefore, use an iPhone 5C as a gift to your brothers or sisters, you can't miss it!
By the way, if the person who get the iPhone 5C needs to backup data before he or she use the new iPhone, and the guy lost the backup password when connects it to the computer, then he ot she had to unlock iPhone backup at first and then the use your iPhone 5C gift!

3.Cell Phone Gifts for Lovers - iPhone 5S

As the person who stands by your side, always on your mind, take care of you every day, worry about whether you eat 3 meals or not, miss you very much and loves you forever, you should take the cell phone gift to your lover seriously.

No one can refuse summon of fashion, your lover is no exception. Consequently, why not select an iPhone 5S as a gift to your lover? The shine and golden iPhone 5S exactly stands for your love to him or her, also symbolize your love will always last, as eternal as the gold! Finally, just remember that your lover deserves the iPhone 5S best!

PS: Don't lose heart if your lover has had an iPhone 5S. You can also give him or her other related iPhone gifts, such as the iPhone case, the iPhone accessories - the iPhone headphone cable, the iPhone charger or even when he or she needs to use the iPhone to backup your photos to the iTunes, but there is a backup password and it is lost, you can even use an iPhone backup password recovery tool in iTunes for iPhone user to unlock iPhone backup and then solve the problem forever! That might be some little things, but your lover will appreciate you for a long time.

4.Cell Phone Gifts for Friends - HTC One

Except for your lover, your friends also play an important role in your life. You can discuss the happiness of you and your lover with your friends and share the sweets with your friends. At last you can't believe that you have so many things and ideas in the same.

Friends are the drivers when you lose your way in your work, friends are the doctors when you are hurt by your lover, friends are the crows that save you when you in danger, friends are the idiots who say something special in the dream, friends are the seers who lead you to do something or not to do something, friends are the collections that you should cherish them forever!

As a cell phone that carries Facebook Home, the HTC One is no doubt to be a perfect carrier that contacts you and your friends and also know what your friends talking about on Facebook. Therefore, if you decide to give gifts to your best friend, the HTC One is the better choice!

5. Cell Phone Gifts for Geeks - Google Nexus 5

If the guy who receives the cell phone gift is a geek, then I think the Google Nexus 5 is the best present!

As a matter of fact, in order to display its own product and unify Android standard, Google pushes out the cheap Android cell phone Nexus series.

With the excellent hardware configuration, the low price, carrying Google's original system and the users are able to receive the latest push of Android; this Nexus 5 has become more and more popular among the cell phone fans, especially the geeks.

To our surprise, Google doesn't definite the Nexus series as the business or the entertainment. Just with the prim appearance, the ordinary function, also it is too hard to discover the obvious disadvantage and also no parameters or functions to surpass its competitors. But if the person needs to use the cell phone to root, put it into factory settings or test different versions of Android, the Nexus 5 is really a better gift.


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