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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cheapest Unlimited Everything Cell Phone Plan

Cheapest Unlimited Everything Cell Phone Plan

There are many unlimited cell phone plans around, but in these tough financial times, people can't always go with one of the major carriers, such as Sprint. It's simply too expensive! Let's take them for example. When visiting their website, you can sign up to get a free Android phone! It seems like a great deal, but comes with a two year contract, and an Early Termination Fee if you decide to cancel your service!
http://cheap-estcellphoneplans.blogspot.com/I added the phone and added their unlimited everything plan. The cost is $99.99 per month, plus the normal taxes and fees.
You might think, "There must be another way!". That certainly is too expensive for some people. There are alternatives though. We'll now discuss one of the best alternatives.
Straight Talk is a great option, and has a $45/month unlimited talk, text, and data plan. This plan is compatible with Android smartphones, just like the Sprint plan. It's less than half the price, and you still get access to Sprint's network. If you want to use your own phone, or if Sprint's network isn't good in your area, there is another option. You can use almost any AT&T or T-Mobile phone on Straight Talk. If you choose to use an AT&T phone, you can purchase the AT&T SIM, and you'll have access to AT&T's network, at just a fraction of the price!
If you choose to go with a Straight Talk phone, instead of using your own phone, the cost ranges from a free phone all the way up to $329.99 for the top of the line Android phone. If you choose to use your own phone, the SIM card will cost $14.99, or $59.99 including the SIM card and the first month of service.
If you have questions or aren't sure, you might want to check out Hildretech's consultation service. Hildretech can provide a lot of information on Straight Talk, and many other alternatives.


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